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Rifle Shooter

We are at the forefront of Rifle Training within the UK. Whatever your preferred discipline, Professionals, Stalkers, Target shooters or new to shooting, our unique ranges in Wales are the place to practice, train, or just have an awesome day's shoot.

All our Instructors are ex UK Special Forces, ex UK Forces Marksmen & National Rifle & Archery Champions

Firearms Experiences

This is a tremendous way to get into our wonderful sport. If you simply want to have a go with some of our modern days firearms or use a WW11 Lee Enfield rifle, we can accommodate you.

from £80pp includes weapons and ammo

Introduction to Firearms – North Wales

Hands-on training tailored to your needs. Starting with a full mornings classroom training session you will have a solid grounding to progress to the range to implement the skills obtained in the classroom. Upon completion of this course you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to understand and safely respect firearms and their intended use. You will confident in your abilities to Zero your scope, dial in, know your ballistics, read the wind and make the shot. Ammunition and weapons can be provided and will be charged for on the day.

£175 one-to-one or £300 two-to-one

Pre - DSC1 Firearms Test – North Wales

The DSC1 firearms test can be quite challenging if not prepared for. We guide you through the test and what may be asked of you ensuring that you have a good grounding in the necessary skills. To start you will be shooting three shots inside a 4inch circle at a zeroing target at 100 yards. Thereafter you will be asked to take another 6 shots into the kill zone of a deer target from 100 yards prone, 70 yards sitting or kneeling and then standing at 40 yards. You may use you normal aids sticks, bipods, rucksack or any other field supports as you may wish. Three attempts are permitted at each target.

You will be able to practice in any weak areas such as shooting off sticks and brought to the expected standard of marksmanship prior to your test.

All candidates are welcome to bring their own rifles, however where a candidate does not own a rifle then we will provide the use of the estate rifle/s free of charge. All ammunition used must be paid for on the day.

£125 per person

Bespoke Training – North Wales

These training packages provide knowledge aimed at providing skills to people who not only enjoy shooting as a leisure activity, but also, for those who have never shot before – it is inclusive to both youngsters and adults. It is predominantly based at people who either live or work in the countryside that do not wish to gain advanced coaching skills or advanced marksmanship techniques, but, do want to acquire competent safety and fieldcraft skills, whilst enabling themselves and other land users to remain safe. All topics covered from “how do I zero my scope” and “what are the reticles all about” through to scopes, ammunition and rifle choices.

£60 per hour

Rifle Range day – Cambrians

Supervised shooting with our RCO/Guide, insurance, hot drinks. Ammunition and weapons can be provided and will be charged for on the day

£132 per person (min 3 people)

Elite Rifle Days - Cambrians

Bespoke hands-on training tailored to your needs, exclusive access to the range. Lunch, and hot drinks will also be provided. Use of our rifles by prior arrangement. Ammunition can be provided and will be charged for on the day.

£550 one-to-one or £750 two-to-one

Sniper Challenge Day - Cambrians

This is an exciting introduction into the black art of the sniper. This day is run with an ex-UKSF Instructor using state of the art rifles, spotting scopes and equipment. Training with our expert instructor, rifle use, ammunition, insurance, hot drinks and free sniper pocket book as a souvenir, written by a legendary ex-sniper.

£260 per person

Chaperon Instructor

We provide you and your group with one of the UKs leading firearms trainers to work with you or your team at your range day. The instructor will understand your needs and work with you throughout the day as needed.

£150 per day plus expenses

Private Land

Should your farm or private land be suitable for centrefire firearms we will travel to your location and set up a shoot course using our armoured steel targets to help maximise your training needs in an environment that you are comfortable with. Estate weapons are available and no firearms experience is necessary.

Call to discuss needs

Professional Shooter

Does you company require a professional shooter to demonstrate, test and validate their products (weapons, scopes, night optics, ammunition etc). Call PSE to book one our professional shooters to help you with your days needs.

£250 per day plus expenses

Clay Shooter

Our flexible but structured approach allows us to work through the various aspects of shotgun shooting in a methodical manner, encouraging a natural progression while prioritising any weaker areas that may need attention.

Clay Pigeon Shooting – Have a go Lesson

(25 clays and 25 cartridges included)

£35 per person

Clay Pigeon - Hourly Private Lesson

£60 per person

Corporate / Group

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Standard Corporate Days

The philosophy behind the corporate packages is to give the option to mix and match shooting disciplines. These days are ideally suited to corporate team building, stag or hen parties; and weekday or weekend challenges.

You can experiences clay shoot and archery one day and the next a full days firearms or any mix you would prefer. Corporate days are very flexible so as to meet all our clients’ expectations. We have the chance to select a ground and the format of the day based purely on your needs. We pride ourselves on being able to mix and match from any of our disciples and offer one and two day packages. We also organise prizes for best shot, most improved shot and best team performance.

We can help you arrange accommodation at some of Wales’ idyllic hotels and Inns, as well as to also organise food and transport if required.

From £80 per person

ULTIMATE Corporate Days

This package is designed for the ultimate shoot day, weekend, or week. We will transport you around the UK or overseas if you wish. You will be able to shoot at some of the best facilities there are and with some of the worlds’ finest rifles and shotguns. You tell us what you want to do and we will do the rest!

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